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1.         With respect to a dwelling-unit and its outbuildings, but apart from the exceptions mentioned in Conditions 3 and 4, a Home Enterprise is restricted to –


(1)        Only one bona fide occupant who shall reside permanently in the dwelling-unit.


(2)        A maximum of 30% of the gross floor area of the dwelling-unit: Provided that without the written permission of the Municipality such area shall not exceed 60 m².


(3)        The display of one sign showing only the name of the occupant intended in condition 1(1) hereof, the address and the telephone number and the nature of the home enterprise shall be subject to the Municipality’s permission in terms of the City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality: By-laws for Outdoor Advertsing.


(4)        The storage of goods of whatever nature, reasonably essential for such home enterprise, within the area contemplated in Condition 1(2) hereof.


(5)        The display of goods contemplated in Condition 1(4) hereof in such a way inside the dwellingunit that it is not visible from the outside.


(6)        The loading and off-loading of goods contemplated in Condition 1(4) hereof by means of a private motor vehicle or commercial vehicle with a mass not exceeding 3 500 kg (loading capacity included) and a maximum length, width and height of 5,500 m, 1,800 m and 2,100 m respectively, and of which only one such vehicle may be parked regularly at the dwelling-unit out

of sight from the street.


(7)        Place of Child Care, where a maximum of six (6) pre-school children are cared for:


Provided that –


(a)        the health and safety requirements of the Municipality shall be complied with;


(b)        no activities shall be held on weekdays after 17:30, or on Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays;


(c)        an acoustically-acceptable screen wall of at least 1,8 m high, shall be erected on the property boundary, where the play area abuts the living-room(s) of an adjoining dwelling unit, to the satisfaction of the Municipality; and


(d)        the dwelling-unit shall be on property zoned "Residential 1", "Agricultural" and "Undetermined" only.


2.         One parking space per 25 m² or portion thereof of the area referred to in Condition 1(2), hereof shall be provided on the property.


3.         Only in the case of a dwelling-house on property zoned “Residential 1”; “Agricultural”; or “Undetermined” may a maximum of two persons be employed, whether on the property or off the property.

4.         Noxious Industries and Industries are not permitted.


5.         No disturbance or pollution through noise, smell, dust, radio-activity, gases or vibrations or other offensive condition, which results in inconvenience to the public, is permitted. Any waste, especially medical waste, shall comply with the Municipality’s requirements for the temporary storage and removal from the property.


6.         The following uses shall not be permitted in any dwelling-unit:


(1)        Animal boarding place; bank agency; blasting contractor; butcher; building society agency; call centre; car wash; escort agency; fish-fryer; funeral undertaker; hiring and selling of   vehicles; institution; (other) light industries; manufacturing of concrete products; micro-lender;     motor workshop; packaging contractor; panel-beater; parcel delivery service; pet salon; place of amusement; place of child care for more than six children; place of instruction for more than six persons; place of refreshment; transport depot; radio control/telephone exchange; shooting range; spray-painter; taxi business; tow-in service; travel agency; veterinary hospital; and visitors' information bureau.


(2)        Shops (excluding the sale of liquor) and Retail Industries, except with the written consent of the Municipality, subject to Clause 16.


(3)        Spaza Shops except with the permission of the Municipality, subject to Clause 15.





Last Updated on Tuesday, 18 June 2013 18:25

Munisipale Waardasie

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Sien die onderstaande skakel vir verdere informasie oor die nuwe munisipale waardasie wat tans vanaf Tshwane verkrygbaar is.



Instruksies hoe om die nuwe eiedomswaardasies te bekom :

Instructions how to obtain the new Property Valuation Roll values,


1)      Go to / Gaan na die :  Tshwane website : www.tshwane.gov.za

2)      Go to home page / Gaan na die tuisblad : HOME

3)      Left bottom corner go to Valuation Roll 2013 -2017 / Heel onder links is daar ‘n link : Valuation Roll 2013 -2017– druk op link

4)      Op die Valuation Roll 2013- 2017 bladsy – druk op die volgende link / Go to next link : http://www.tshwane.gov.za/Services/Property%20Rates/Pages/default.aspx

5)      Will be taken to the Property Rate page – system may be VERY SLOW – be patient / Hy sal jou nou neem na die Property Rates bladsy – die website mag BAIE stadig – wees dus geduldig,

6)      Daar gaan vier blokke wees waar jy inligting kan insit – vir my werk die GISKEY Search opsie die beste (kry die inligting vanaf jou water en ligte rekening) / System will require information on property – best option is to go to the GISKEY search (insert GISKEY information as obtained from your CoT account)

7)      Press buttom / druk knoppie : “submit query” - die website mag BAIE stadig wees – wees dus geduldig / Put in the necessary information and press on “submit query” – system maybe very slow

8)      Inligting sal na ‘n lang……….  ruk verskyn / Information will be shown after awhile ….. be patient

9)      Druk op “details” en al jou inligting sal gegee word – stelsel mag stadig wees  – wees geduldig  / Go to details and all your valuation information will be there – system may be slow,

10)   Kan ook die volgende nommer skakel om die waardasies te kry /  Can also contact the following number to obtain your valuation : 

Sherry Hendrick   012 358 8377 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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You have entered an nonexistent WOEID. You must go to Yahoo Weather Channel and search your Location by name or zip code. At the end of the browser link you will find the WOEID code that you need to add to the admin section of the module.
You have entered an nonexistent WOEID. You must go to Yahoo Weather Channel and search your Location by name or zip code. At the end of the browser link you will find the WOEID code that you need to add to the admin section of the module.