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If you have a business in the area of Rietondale, let us know and we'll list you on the Rietondale.net web site.

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Last Updated on Thursday, 27 October 2011 18:07

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There are no events at this time

Weather in  Pretoria South Africa

Current Forecast
Thu, 21 Aug 2014 3:00 am SAST
High: 28°C
Low: 9°C
Sunrise  6:31 am
Sunset 5:49 pm
Wind: 1.61 kmh
Humidity: 55 %
Visibility:  km
Barometer: 1015.92 mb
 22 Aug 2014
22°C / 4°C
 23 Aug 2014
22°C / 5°C
 24 Aug 2014
23°C / 6°C
 25 Aug 2014
26°C / 8°C
 26 Aug 2014
28°C / 9°C
 27 Aug 2014
27°C / 9°C
 28 Aug 2014
25°C / 9°C
 29 Aug 2014
25°C / 8°C
 30 Aug 2014
24°C / 9°C

Security Update

Misdaad in Rietondale

Ons as die Rhoara komitee en Quatro is bewus van die toename in misdaad in Rietondale, Quatro is besig om vir ons 'n Aksieplan op te stel vir verbeterde misdaad voorkoming, die SAP, GPF en KPS werk ook nouer saam deurdat ons nou 'n radio in die beheerkamer het om kommunikasie te verbeter tussen al die partye. Ons is ook besig met nog 'n Nuusbrief om dit onder die inwonders se aandag te bring en hoe hulle 'n bydra kan maak tot 'n Veiliger Rietondale. Dit steeds net die klein groep inwoners wat probeer om 'n verskil te maak aan die groeiende misdaad, verskeie oproepe om die GPF te ondersteun met hulle patrollies ens word net nie ondersteun nie en as die inwoners egter nie hulle samewerking en ondersteuning gee nie kan ons nie 'n verskil maak nie.  Ek gee weer hieronder die kontaknommers indien van die inwoners betrokke wil raak met die vlaag van misdaad wat in Rietondale aan die toeneem is.

GPF is Marius Barnard 082 448 3911. Also REPORT any suspicious activity via the radio or phone Quatro (0861 277 277), Kilnerpark Security (012 333 2032) or the SAPS Police Sector 1 Vehicle (071 675 6407/8). If suspicious people, cars or loiterers are not reported, crime cannot be prevented!

Security Guidelines

When you are arriving or leaving your home, you are at one of your most vulnerable points of your journey. Unfortunately, driveway robbery is a reality of everyday life. Leading security company, ADT shared basic safety tips on how to avoid a driveway robbery.

Firstly you should turn off your radio when you are 2km from home so you can be more aware of your environment.

Be familiar with your area which means you need to get to know the newspaper sellers on the corner, for example. Notice how people dress, if a ‘newspaper seller’ or ‘hawker’ is wearing overalls that seem new, he might not be who he appears to be.

If a robber confronts you in your driveway put up your hands immediately, do not try to grab your bag or cell phone because it may look like you are reaching for a gun.

Stay calm, listen to the robber and obey their commands.

Do not look the robber in the eye and tell the truth and do not hide your bag or wallet. If the driveway robber finds out you are lying he might hurt you in anger or out of frustration. Do not throw your keys away. It will just make your attacker angry.

If you lie face down outside the car he might not force you to get back in.

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