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Jakaranda_CathederalRietondale.net provides a fun and interactive way of connecting and informing Rietondalers and those who long to live here, of the goings on of our wonderful neighbourhood.

Rietondale is situated in the area known as the Moot, north of central Pretoria. It is bordered by Meintjieskop to the south, Skurweberg or Vlakkopies to the north, the Government Experimental Farm to the east and Kieser Street to the west. The valley of Rietondale was once a vlei towards the western boundary. A beautiful stream bordered by white sand is remembered by Mrs. Nora Boschoff, and it is from this that Riviera, after the French Riviera, west of Rietondale was named.

Mrs. Nora [nee. Morrison] Boschoff whose father Mr.John William Morrison owned and developed much of Rietondale, until recently resided in the area and lived in the original stone house built by her father, ‘Kia Ora’, 186 Van Der Merwe Street.

The Rietondale area has a strong sense of community with generations returning to live in the unique ‘urban village’ setting. The current Home Owners and Residents Association strives to maintain the restful atmosphere and currently employs a private security company, on behalf of the residents, to aid with crime prevention. This is proving to be effective and is supported by the South African Police. This unique atmosphere and the semi – rural setting of the suburb contribute strongly to its ongoing popularity and good capital growth. A further unique factor is the Academic Hospital which is located 3kms beyond the area. A number of specializing doctors leave and arrive annually and seek to buy property close to the hospital for the period of their specialization, [usually 5 years].

The Rietondale Primary School also has an excellent reputation which draws buyers wanting to reside in the allowed ‘feeder area’. Rietondale is close to a number of excellent primary, secondary and tertiary education institutions. It also offers easy access to the city centre, and numerous shopping centers. Rietondale Park is the largest in Pretoria and is actively used for sporting activities and by the local residents. The Title Deeds of the properties in Rietondale contain an unusual condition stating that the public park of Rietondale is for the benefit of the owners of the lots in the township of Rietondale, and the general public. There are two other conditions in the title deed, one concerning the width of certain roads and the other concerning restriction on the manufacture of bricks and the sale of bricks and sand in the suburb.

This unique area has also received an injection of energy from the Department of Foreign Affairs with their showcase building now under construction. Although change is always difficult and brings new challenges it is hoped that long time Rietondalers will welcome future new residents and share with them the special lifestyle that Rietondale offers.

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